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The beauty of large signal transduction networks

The beauty of large signal transduction networks

A couple of years ago, I worked on a Matlab algorithm to perform modular response analysis on large sparse matrices (see my first publication). And what’s better to test this algorithm with those huge signaling network databases like Reactome, PID and BioCarta?! So together with a colleague we turn these databases into a machine readable format and calculated the stoichiometric matrices (with is basically the starting point of the main algorithm). Read more

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79th Annual Conference of the DGPT e.V.
I’m really happy that my abstract with the title Cooperativity Between Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and ß-catenin Binding Sites in CYP1A1 Induction got again selected for a talk at the 79th Annual Conference of the German Society for experimental and clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in Halle. So, on Wednesday, March 9th I’ll show some recent findings […] Read more – ‘79th Annual Conference of the DGPT e.V.’.
Equations in biological publications
In a recent paper Fawcett and Higginson discuss the use of mathematical equations in articles from the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology and relate the density of equations on a single page to scientific impact of the article, i.e. the citation count. They conclude that The density of equations in an article has a […] Read more – ‘Equations in biological publications’.
Organizing weekly research group meetings (with AppleScript)
In science, regular group meetings are an integral part for the advancement of the group. Sharing results, giving practice talks, discussing relevant journal articles, planing experiments, all that happens within the group meetings or project meetings with some members of the group. Because every research group is different with respect to number of members, background […] Read more – ‘Organizing weekly research group meetings (with AppleScript)’.

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