Pascal Schulthess

Systems Theorist/Biologist/Thinker
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Leiden University
Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR)
Gorlaeus Laboratories
Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC Leiden, The Netherlands

I just started a postdoctoral fellowship at the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) where I will study the impact and control of feedback and feedforward mechanisms in mechanistic PKPD models in oncology. This project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Piet Hein van der Graaf (LACDR), PharmD PhD Teun Post (Leiden Experts on Advanced Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics, LAPP) and carried out in close cooperation with AstraZeneca.

Research Interest

Coming from an engineering discipline, I’m interested in applying systems theory to applications in biology and pharmacology.


Schulthess, P., Löffler A., Vetter S., Kreft L., Schwarz M., Braeuning A., Blüthgen N. Signal Integration by the CYP1A1 Promoter - A Quantitative Study. Nucleic Acids Research, 43:5318–5330, 2015. PubMed

Thomas P., Durek P., Solt I., Klinger B., Witzel F., Schulthess P. , Mayer Y., Tikk D., Blüthgen N., Leser U. Computer-assisted curation of a human regulatory core network from the biological literature. Bioinformatics, 15;31(8):1258-66, 2015. PubMed

Schulthess, P. and Blüthgen, N. From Reaction Networks to Information Flows - Using Modular Response Analysis to Track Information in Signaling Networks. Methods Enzymology, 500:397-409, 2011. PubMed

Conference Talks

03/2013 - Binding Site Cooperativity and Dual Signal Integration in CYP1A1 Induction @ 79th Annual Conference of the German Society for experimental and clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Halle (Saale), Germany

07/2012 - Cooperativity between Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and β-catenin Binding Sites in Hepatocytes @ 4th Conference on Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells, Leipzig, Germany

10/2010 - From Reaction Networks to Information Flow – Using Modular Response Analysis to Track Information in Signaling Networks @ 11th International Conference on Systems Biology, Edinburgh, Scotland


2010-2012 - Teaching assistant in Data analysis and numerical methods, Institute for Theoretical Biology, Humboldt University of Berlin


2009-2016 - PhD in Theoretical Biophysics, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

  • PhD Thesis: Thermodynamic modeling explains the regulation of CYP1A1 expression in the liver. Pub
  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. N. Blüthgen, Computational Modeling in Medicine, Institute for Pathology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

2002-2009 - Diploma in Engineering Cybernetics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

  • Diploma Thesis: Layer-based modeling of EGF Receptor Signaling and Thermodynamic Feasibility Analysis
  • Supervisors: Prof. O. Sawodny, Dr. M. Koschorreck, Institute for System Dynamics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

2006-2007 - Study of Systems Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain

  • Student Thesis: Modeling and Simulation of the Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain
  • Supervisors: Dr. M. Cascante, Dr. V. Selivanov, Integrative Biochemistry and Cancer Therapy, University of Barcelona, Spain

Working Experience

2009 - Internship @ Computational Systems Biology Group, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany

  • Topic: Implementation and analysis of a complex mathematical model of the photosynthesis mechanism in C3-plants
  • Supervisors: Dr. J. Lippert, Dr. L. Küpfer, Dr. T. Eissing

2007 - Internship @ Insilico Biotechnology AG, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Topic: Modeling of the mitochondrial respiratory chain with focus on biological feasibility by the incorporation and maintenance of publicly available databases.
  • Supervisor: K. Mauch

2005-2006 - Internship @ Systems and Control Group, TAO Technologies GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Topic: Development of software tests and simulations to analyze and optimize real-time hardware for components in autonomic aircrafts.
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. B. Kröplin

Scholarships & Awards

2015 - PhD Scholarship, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

2010 - GENESYS Travel Award, 11th International Conference on Systems Biology, Edinburgh, Scotland

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